Sport Wolf Playlist

Sport Wolf Playlist

Sport Wolf is 23-year-old Devin Reed. A Los Angeles based electronic musician originally from Detroit, Michigan whose career began with sampling records and playing in alternative rock bands during high school. While attending college, he began to make a name for himself as a DJ and producer while attending school both in the states and abroad. He self-released his first mixtape, Manchester Sounds, in 2014 under the name Aspen-85.

Introduced to Young Heavy Souls in early 2016, Sport Wolf released a single as a part of their Artist Spotlight series before being featured on their Young Heavy Skulls compilation. In early 2017, he began sharing the demos that would ultimately make up the Esprit EP, announced today for an October 13th release on Young Heavy Souls. The opening track “Better” is an optimistic slice of techno — and an economic one too, clocking in at under three minutes. A warm, rippling synth line drives the track throughout, somehow sounding just right as the soundtrack to a transition from the summer to the fall.

“I’d say my sound is aesthetically driven. I like to dance between minimal and chaotic,” Devin describes. While citing his most notable influences as “All the Detroit legends like Derrick May and Robert Hood,” he’s quick to point out other influences such as The Smiths, UK Garage, and MJ Cole, as well as the French House sound. “Oh, and pretty much all of the alternative dance music of the 90’s” he adds.

Devin holds a degree in Industrial Design and while Detroit will always be his home and ultimate influence, he’s been enjoying the new-found surroundings of Los Angeles and his neighborhood of Echo Park.

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