Sonic Boom Playlist

Sonic Boom Playlist

Part two of Sonic Boom’s playlists for Ravelin, dims the lights for after hours. Following up his uptempo playlist, Sonic Boom rings in the new year with gems from the retro crate as well as mellow favorites from Sonic’s recent collaborators and friends such as Panda Bear and Galaxy 500. The throwbacks on the album feature deep cuts from artists like the Stones as well as the throwbacks the Stones would listened to, so there’s really three generations of music hear, all of it in chill mode.

Sonic Boom first came to prominence as a member of the Spacemen 3, the first psychedelic music I ever heard that wasn’t made by a hippy. He continued in this vein as a solo artist performing as Spectrum. He currently resides in Portugal where he has added producer to his resume, helping to create albums for MGMT, Panda Bear, and others.

Pour a glass of something mellow and enjoy the after hours playlist with someone you love.

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