Sensory Overload Pt.2: Hisham Bharoocha

Our second in a series of videos combining our favorite drummers with Sunhouse Sensory Percussion and visuals by Critter and Guitari.

Sensory Overload Pt.2: Hisham Bharoocha

Hisham Bharoocha, who currently drums in the New York–based group Kill Alters, has played in the bands Lightning Bolt and Black Dice, as well as performing solo and with the multi-instrumentalist Ben Vida as Soft Circle. He’s been the musical director for the legendary Japanese group Boredoms’ multiple-drummer performances, beginning with 77 Boadrum in 2007. Hisham is also a visual artist and photographer, and has collaborated on multimedia events with the Los Angeles artist Doug Aitken. For the latest installment of SENSORY OVERLOAD, Hisham performed a completely improvised set using Sunhouse drum-sensor software and hardware; Critter and Guitari’s ETC video synthesizer was used to create the visuals.

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