Red, White, and Beautiful

Two-tone fashions photographed by Elisabet Davids

Red, White, and Beautiful
Dress, pants, shoes: Zero + Maria Cornejo. Hat Stylist own
Dress: Anne Sofie Madsen. Bikini by VPL. Shoes by JÖR by Gudmundur Jörundsson
Dress by JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson. Shoes by Zero+Maria Cornejo. Vintage sweater stylist's own.
Jumpsuit and shoes by Tess Giberson. Necklace by Aesa
Top by Tess Giberson. Pants. Vintage. Necklace by Aesa
Pants, Top, Hat by Tess Giberson. Bracelet by Aesa. Necklace, stylist own
Dress by Zero+Maria Cornejo. Hat by Thrasher. Shoes Vintage Adidas Stan Smith vintage
T-shirt by JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson. Jacket, Vintage

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