Rapper DDm Brings Star Power To The Molly House Mix

The Baltimore hip hop artist sends out an S.O.S on his latest track.

Rapper DDm Brings Star Power To The Molly House Mix

The Baltimore-based hip-hop artist is well traveled in seemingly every aspect of the genre. With a storied career that is still being written, DDm got his start the ciphers of the Baltimore battle scene. With “Somebody” he proves himself adaptable to the Molly House style and uptempo urgency of davOmakesbeats’ production style.

DDm caused a stir in 2011 when he came out, but half a decade later DDm reports that his sexuality has become something of a non-story in Baltimore these days. But with the world at large in crisis, the hook on Somebody — sung by AH-MER-AH-SU — is “S.O.S.,” which DDm says stands for “Save Our States.” We take this to mean that DDm is sending his S.O.S. out far and wide to whoever might need it.

Check out our interview for more about his life, styles, underground Baltimore hip hop insights, and his plans to “smack the world in its face” with his forthcoming solo EP.

As a Baltimore-based rapper, how did you originally connect with davOmakesbeats and Molly House records?

Actually, I’ve known DavO for several years now! We’ve always had a good relationship. He’s booked me for shows in The Bay, and we always hang out when I’m on the west coast.

Based on the other tracks I’ve heard from you, it seems like you generally work with slower tempo beats. Did you find yourself expanding your style for the Molly House track or is the uptempo style something you’ve always excelled at?

I like to write to anything honestly. I’ve written to jazz tempos, trap…hell I’ll write to the Sesame Street theme if I’m in the right mood lol. When DavO sent me the best I just ran with it. I just let the beat tell me what to do.

Is this your first collaboration with AH-MER-AH-SU or do you two work together often?

Yes, this is indeed our first collaboration. When I got the track AH-MER-AH-SU’s vocals were already on it. I liked the vibe and just started writing. I’d love to see what else we can conjure up in the future.

According to an article in VICE, you have an encyclopedic knowledge of Baltimore rap history. Can you take us through some of the key artists we should know about? Do any of those artists stand out in terms of having an influence on you?

Well, I like TT The Artist, Jay Royale, YBS Skola and I used to listen to Lor Scoota before he passed. Skarr Akbar and Greenspan are really dope too. They keep me competitive.

In 2014 WAMU published a profile on you with a focus on the story of your coming out in the Baltimore scene. 3 years later, what would you want to add to that story?

The good news is that it’s really not a story anymore in Baltimore. Everybody for the most part just looks at me as DDm now. Maybe nationally it’ll matter, but it’s not something that sits in the forefront of my mind now. Between being black and living in the Trump era, it’s a lot to juggle so I stopped trying to hold on to everything lol.

Did you have something specific in mind when you wrote the lines, “S.O.S.”?


Do you have other releases coming up outside of the Molly House single that we can look forward to?

I’m currently working on features with other artists as well as my band BSD. A big piece of my time though is working on my solo EP. I’m taking care with that because I really want to smack the world in the face when it drops.

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