Le Bac

Non-stop erotic LE BAC stop-motion

Le Bac

Nope, that’s not a typo.  It’s LE BAC not LE BAG.  “Le Bac” is short for Le Baccalaureate the French equivalent to the American High School diploma.  It’s also the name of the latest venture from your favorite NY indie fashion label United Bamboo.

So why LE BAC? Its a play on word.  Is it a typo? misspelling? or maybe intentional to evoke an image of a schoolboy in a trimmed blazer and striped tie.  Its all the above.  And putting Le in front of anything is how Americans add class to the common object.  Try it yourself.  Le Burger.  Le Toliet.  Le Doorknob.  See?  I don’t know why this is. This video is an intro to Le Bac’s brand.  12 bags ranging from XXXXXXXXL to XXXXXXXS.  Why?  Because who don’t love a tote bag.  Sometimes you want to carry a sandwich and sometimes a small child so we made a bag for any size needs.  No.  Seriously, we just made a bag for each color the canvas comes in.  No.  Seriously, we made the bags nest inside each other so we could ship them all in one box. In any case.  The video was inspired by Charles & Ray Eames.  They made a short film to demonstrate to how to assemble their lounge chairs using cutaways & stop motion cut to a piano track.  Here our friend Oskar took the idea and did a version for these bags. Hope you like it.

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