Introducing Bbymutha

Ravelin Follows up with the emerging Molly House Star.

Introducing Bbymutha

We’ve got the Bbymutha track “Dark N Lovely” off the Molly House Volume 1 album in heavy rotation. As we listened to Bbymutha’s new “rap-like-I-talk” style we wondered, who is this person represented artwork for the single as an illustration with light blue hair and a curling iron. It turns out Bbymutha is part of the Bay Area Swagger Like Us scene but still remains in native Tennessee. We stopped by the Volunteer State for a quick introduction, and are hoping to return for more when her EP drops; she describes it as “LIT,” and we so no reason to disagree.

davomakesbeats tells us you’re originally from Tennessee. What brought you to the Bay Area?
Yes, I am originally from Tennessee and I’m still here, haven’t relocated to the bay although I’d love to. It’s beautiful.

Molly House Records artists seem to be closely tied to the Swagger Like Us parties. Can you take us on an insider’s tour of what the parties are like?
The Swagger parties are full of love. You walk in the room and instantly feel like you belong. My first one I was a bit nervous because I was new to it, but once I started performing and bbys were hopping on stage killing it, and dancing with me. It felt like a party, not a performance. DavO and Kelly are so amazing.

We’re big fans of “Dark n Lovely.” Can you tell us about other Bbymutha tracks we can hope to hear in the future?
Currently working on this LIT ass EP that will be dropping on the Molly House label. It’s very summer, very bad bitch, new weave, fresh nails, no nigga needed kind of music. Definitely some girls night anthems.

How would you describe your vocal style to the uninitiated?
Yo, I have no idea how to describe my vocal style, I rap exactly how I talk lol. Sometimes it makes me a bit self conscious, but people like it, so it is what it is.

What inspired the name Bbymutha?
Well, I am a baby mother, and after hearing it being used in such a negative light from music to my day to day real life I decided to reclaim it. It’s the first name I’ve ever had that I’ve felt fit me.

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