Ace & Jig Create Their Funkiest Video Presentation Yet

The designers along with director Carissa Gallo create a head nodding presentation for their Spring 2018 collection.

Ace & Jig Create Their Funkiest Video Presentation Yet

You can almost feel the fun that everyone involved in the latest Ace & Jig presentation video had. The mood starts with the infectious tune “Difficile” off Junoire’s new album Ouh La La. Much as the album title leans into its Frenchness, so too does the music embody the perfect groove of breezy California insouciance. The cast embodies this as well, wearing Ace & Jig’s gorgeous new collection, they are situated in an all-tile mis en scene that couldn’t be more perfect for collection if it was built specially for the occasion. All these elements were assembled courtesy of director Carissa Gallo, who brings her photographer’s eye to the kinetic proceedings.

We were lucky enough to grab some time from both the busy designers (Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughn) and the in-demand director to get a little behind the scene insight into the video and the latest collection.

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The Juniore song “Difficile” is so badass. Where did you hear it first, and how did you settle on it for the video?

Carissa Gallo: I had found Juniore’s music at some point this past year and loved their sound. When this video was coming together in my head, I kept hearing this song. She was excited for us to use it, which was wonderful of her.

Where was the video shot? The location compliments the textiles seamlessly!

Carissa Gallo: We shot it out in Palm Desert at a house that this guy had tiled literally every square inch of. It was a really fun place- lots to take in. But yes- it did compliment the textiles really well- it’s always fun to find a place that does.

What about the choreography. How did that come together?

Carissa Gallo: I just love simple choreography and movement. I went over the movements with the girls before each scene and luckily they were fast learners.

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For Spring 18 our mantra was "Joy is an act of resistance". It's all about joyous connections! - Jenna Wilson & Cary Vaughan
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The individual personalities really shine through in the video. Can you tell us a little about how you cast it?

Carissa Gallo: Whenever I do something with Ace & Jig, casting is really a pleasure. Every season is different, so I get this conceptual idea of who these girls are based on that season’s fabrics- and we always end up with a really wonderful cast. It’s all about how everyone works together energetically and we always seem to get lucky with this.

What are some new approaches or styles you tried out for this collection?

Jenna Wilson & Cary Vaughan: Every ace&jig collection focuses on textile stories: we custom design each of our fabrics, a favorite part of the design process. Each season we design all new textiles and silhouettes. We often ask ourselves the question: ‘What are we trying to convey with these colors, patterns, and textures? How do we want people to feel wearing our clothes? What is the connection between cloth and wearer?” For Spring 18 our mantra was “Joy is an act of resistance”. It’s all about joyous connections!

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