Xeno & Oaklander Par Avion North America Summer Tour 2014

The Poetry and Weirdness of Analogue

Xeno & Oaklander Par Avion North America Summer Tour 2014

Xeno & Oaklander went on the road this summer and we played songs from our new album PAR AVION: with a car loaded with electronic gear, synths, and drum-machines, we drove from misty San Diego to foggy Seattle, via sun-drenched LA, Sacramento, San Francisco and Portland, then back to NY and up to Utica. Loved ones and our label accompanied our duo – they ‘hopped on the bus’ and joined the party.

I brought my analogue 35MM camera, a Canon AF35M II and shot photos of our travels and concerts – we experienced extremes in weather, landscape and people. From foggy to arid, from urban to remote. We met new fans and intriguing eccentrics. Highlights in LA were playing an intense Live Session for Part Time Punks and visiting artist Christian Rosa’s LA art studio during a heat wave. We also enjoyed performing below a pharmacy at S1 Gallery in Portland. My camera slowly disintegrated during the trip which created happy accidents such as fogging the film and moody underexposure – that’s the poetry and weirdness of analogue.

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