Vritra Playlist

Vritra Playlist

From Atlanta, GA comes 24 year old Vritra aka Hal Williams. Currently based in Los Angeles, rapper and producer Vritra (formerly known as Pyramid Vritra) has been making beats and writing rhymes since he was just ten years old. While in high school, he founded the hip hop collective NRK (Nobody Really Knows) and began recording music. While finishing NRK’s first project together he began to form a friendship and collaborative relationship with Matt Martians (The Internet & Odd Future), when he asked Matt to mix the project. Shortly after, he and Martians formed The Jet Age of Tomorrow, releasing their music via Odd Future. Around this time, Vritra moved to Los Angeles to work on The Internet’s first album, “Purple Naked Ladies” and The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Soon after, Williams released a full length, “Indra” and the “Palace” EP on Stones Throw Records 2014. Yellowing, Vritra’s debut album under the new moniker represents a change in the production style and subject matter from previous work. The entire project is about growth and transformation, refinement and expansion. Recorded in a makeshift home studio in Hawthorne, CA, Williams incorporates drum & bass, jungle, hip-hop and jazz samples to create an album that clearly defies genre boundaries. Yellowing is a realm of its own. From start to finish it takes you to a place where different things work, odd chords, unique melodies and flows that wouldn’t make sense elsewhere. Yellowing is out now on NRK.

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