The Lights And Furniture Of Gabriel Scott

The Montreal designers tell us about their latest lights and the collection as a whole.

The Lights And Furniture Of Gabriel Scott

If I were lucky enough to have a piece by Gabriel Scott in my living quarters, I would surely sit and wonder at provenance: where did it come from and who imagined such an elegant thing (for Gabriel Scott consistently achieve elegance). I know that walking by the showroom on Broome street, I have certainly had moments of enchantment through the window. Although, the showroom is more than just what’s through the window; the entire renovated carriage house is quite marvelous (more on this below).

Gabriel Scott is Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richier. Their business is based in Montreal where they have their 11,000 square foot studio. Here their team of craftspeople assemble the Gabriel Scott pieces by hand. It’s also where the partners do their innovation and creation. The occasion for our talk was the “Myriad” lights they exhibited at design week. These hanging fixtures of glass and metal are a gently modern spin on the chandelier. We used them as a jumping-off point to talk about their business as a whole. Check out the interview for more.


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How long have you been partners, and what was the genesis of the partnership?

As brothers in law, we have been practically family since young adulthood.

Having been exposed to similar references in aesthetics and design, along with our common architectural background, we have had a distinct compatibility from the get-go.

Your showroom in Soho is so gorgeous that I think it deserves further inquiry. How did you come upon the space and how would you describe the showroom aesthetic as a whole? I love the way your lantern out front welcomes visitors into the space.

Our Broome Street showroom was introduced to us by a good friend who insisted that we view the space when we described our needs to open a permanent showroom in the area.

It was love at first sight. Although an ambitious move for a young brand such as ours, we just knew we had to make it work.

The mid 19th-century retail space was first home to the Brewster Carriage House – one of America’s most prestigious carriage craftsmen of the time.

Today, we carry the legacy of quality and craft forward as we showcase our entire collection to view and interact within the beautifully restored ground-floor space.

We enjoyed getting a look at your studio in Quebec and your manufacturing process. Are the pieces entirely assembled by hand? And is this space also your prototyping laboratory (if such a “laboratory” exists)?

Yes, our Montreal studio is home to our design and manufacturing processes. We occupy an 11,000 square foot space in the cities once-garment district where every one of our pieces is indeed assembled by hand and with care. The studio is also where we work collectively with our team in designing and engineering new product prototypes.  Montreal is home to us and an extremely resourceful city for design and production.

Ravelin Magazine
Having been exposed to similar references in aesthetics and design, along with our common architectural background, we have had a distinct compatibility from the get go.
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Ravelin Magazine
Ravelin Magazine
Ravelin Magazine

I understand that you introduced new light fixtures during design week. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration for these fixtures and what new ideas you tried out with them?

Yes, we’ve introduced a couple new lighting items, MYRIAD being one of them.

This piece introduces a more fine or feminine silhouette to our collection. The finely articulated lines carry and disburse glowing blown-glass volumes, and gently make its shape in either horizontal or vertical form – offered in various sizes.

Although unique to our collection, this new series shares a similar design philosophy as our previous works, and offers the same versatility in custom sizing.

The BRIOLETTE Pendant also made its debut this season as a jewel inspired pendant made from our signature double-blown glass process. Offered in several glass and hardware options, these hanging gems truly fit into our current collection as a bold yet elegant touch to brighten up all types of decor.

Your practice seems evenly split between furniture and lighting design. Is there one that comes first for you either in terms of your passion or the history of your practice?

Furniture is truly how we started in the industry. At the time when we had both been working in high-end residential architecture, we would often choose to design furniture pieces to best fit the environment. This soon became a full-time project that led to the start of GABRIEL SCOTT. An early commission for a custom fixture followed and quickly inspired a full collection of various lighting items that range from pendants, to wall sconces and desk lamps.




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