Son Little

On touring with Kelis and his upcoming album

Son Little

Son Little just finished playing Pickathon in Portland. When I called him, he had stopped in L.A. on his way back east to a shoot video for Anti Records. I got the sense that he was lounging by the pool.

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What is Pickathon?
It’s a little hippie-ish. It’s indie rock, hippy, hip hop with some of the folk shit involved, too.

So basically everything.

Did you gain any insights after tour with Kelis?
I think that women are under a lot more pressure in the music industry than men. I think it’s important to note that at age 40 a lot of artists are just getting to the height of their creative power, but women at that age are generally considered to be washed up because the suits are hungry for young flesh. which is also weird because a lot of women are really hot at age 40, sometimes hotter than they were at 25 in my opinion.

In what way?
Most of the people in positions of power are men, and they are always on the look out for some 16-year old that they can milk for everything she’s worth.

Ravelin Magazine

Do you think Kelis could get away with “pulling a D’Angelo?”
You mean make a naked video?

No, get really fat.
Definitely not.

Is Kelis a gay icon?
Definitely. I didn’t know that before the tour, but definitely.

Are you a gay icon?
I don’t think so.

Are you more of a gay icon after the tour?
Maybe slightly. I couldn’t have been less of a gay icon before the tour, so it would have been pretty pathetic if I hadn’t gained any traction at all. it’s an uphill battle though, because I am very un-fabulous.

Did everyone on tour refer to her as Khaleesi?
No. And I was really surprised that they didn’t. I was thinking about calling her Khaleesi, but I didn’t want to be the first one.

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