Smoking in a Vaper’s World

Who are the tobacco holdovers in the e-cig age?

Smoking in a Vaper’s World

90% of the point of Mad Men is that smoking was soooo much different back then. But what about now? What does smoking cigarettes mean now that every former internet café owner just opened up a vape shop? Who are these throwback people still smoking their e-free cigs.

1. Social Smokers.

In much the same way that social cocaine users missed out on the crack epidemic, social smokers are forced to stick to individually wrapped tobacco products, for the simple reason that it’s basically impossible to bum a vape off someone without risking mononucleosis.

2. Early Adopters.

Ironically, that smoker you see outside the bar might have been one of the first to try an e-cig. The earlier the vape adopter, the sooner they cycle back home to the satisfying sting of the cigarette.

3. Late Adopters.

Unironically, the same guy who loves to impress you with how long it took him to buy a cellphone is probably the same guy you just saw duck into a derelict phone booth to try to light his cigarette.

4. Health Conspiracy theorists.

Just like the mom whose fear of polio is pushed to the back of her mind by her paranoia about the mercury in polio vaccines, so too the smoker shies away from e-cigs because they might create formaldehyde bubbles in his subcutaneous tissue or whatever.

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5. Wizardphobes

Anyone who is prejudiced against a long ornate wand that glows an iridescent shade of blue in the misty moonlight, is probably prejudiced against vaping.

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