Sensory Overload Pt.3: Tatiana Heuman

Hisham Bharoocha’s drumming series continues featuring our favorite drummers performing with Sunhouse Sensory Percussion and Critter & Guitari visuals.

Sensory Overload Pt.3: Tatiana Heuman

Evan Shornstein (aka Photay):

For me, electronic production & DJing often feel wildly different from the days growing up playing drums in bands. There is a different freedom I feel behind a drum set rather than a DAW or drum machine. However, Tatiana Heuman embodies this feeling of freedom on her latest record QEEI within both meticulous production and extensive rhythm. Transients both microscopic and colossal are scattered across the stereo field in the most unpredictable of ways. Samples turn tonal through rapid repetition just to dissolve into silence before you’re aware of how stimulated you are. Her rhythmic sensibility feels relatable one moment and alien the next. I think the same goes for the production. It is shamelessly electronic and shamelessly human. Rhythms of defined club genres are present but the long form repetition is torn apart and a musical spontaneity is brought forth. Tatiana’s live show shot me with a huge burst of energy and excitement beyond all vitamins and nutrition.

Make sure you listen to Tatiana Heuman’s new Album ‘QEEI’ on Astro Nautico

More about Tatiana Heuman here

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Hisham Bharoocha:

Tatiana is seen here performing a live improvisation using the Sunhouse / Sensory Percussion drum sensors.  They have many new preset drum kits that you can check out on their site.  The visuals are created by Critter and Guitari’s ETC video synthesizer.  The ETC has been upgraded with more modes to play with so go check them out on their site.

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