Sensory Overload Pt.1: Jeremy Hyman

Our first in a series of videos organized by Hisham Bharoocha featuring our favorite drummers performing with Sunhouse Sensory Percussion.

Sensory Overload Pt.1: Jeremy Hyman

I’ve known Jeremy Hyman since he was in the group Ponytail.  I remember seeing them play at SXSW and thinking “wow this drummer is amazing and seems to come from the same world of music I come from” so eventually I talked to the whole band and realized we all had much in common in terms of music taste.  My solo project Soft Circle played with them when they were a band, and eventually when I was starting to organize drummers for the Boredoms big band days I asked Jeremy to play with us, and he did for the whole duration of that era which was about 8 years.  Jeremy currently plays with Animal Collective and also spent a lot of time playing drums with Dan Deacon.  Aside from being an amazing drummer Jeremy is an amazing electronic musician.  He has releases on Future Times (Insert hyper link here) and with the super group Lifted which includes Motion Graphics, 1432 R co-founder Dawit Eklund, Matt Papich (AKA Co La) and Beautiful Swimmers’ Max D.

I started this series SENSORY OVERLOAD because I wanted to showcase what I think is an amazing technological breakthrough for drummers which is the Sunhouse drum sensors and software.  I am also amazed and love what Critter and Guitari are doing with their musical gear as well as their video synthesizers, so I thought why not showcase them together with drummers I love.  We used the ETC video synthesizer to create the visuals for this.  Here is the first collaboration with Sensory Percussion and Critter and Guitari.  I hope you enjoy this series.  Check out both their equipment.  You will become a fan immediately.  Now go get creative!


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