Relaunching with a Bang

All-New Ravelin’s All-Star Party

Relaunching with a Bang

The Launch of Ravelin 2.0 was celebrated at Tiki Tabu last week in high style. The undercover rooftop location was the venue for high-profile Ravelin contributors including party co-host Robert Geller, Elizabeth Hart and Tres Warren, Hisham Bharoocha, Ward Stegerhoek, and Vicky Steckel.

The daiquiris were flowing as were the jams of DJ’s Scott Mou and Tres Warren as Ravelin readers and creators mingled. Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ravelin’s drummer series was spotted along with Peter Poopat of Common Projects, and Greg Foley from Visionaire. Jon Widman, Editor- in- Chief of the magazine, made the rounds with designer Tess Giberson. Ravelin’s Publisher, Creative Director, and co-founder of Sweden Unlimited Richard Agerbeek was in the mix, along with Sweden’s other co-founders, Leja Kress and Alex Kress.

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