Little Coyote Playlist

Little Coyote Playlist
The Toronto-based, three-piece band Little Coyote formed in 2015. Their debut album, ‘The Trouble With Teeth’, was funded by a Canada Council for the Arts grant, and was recorded at Candle Recording. Little Coyote consists of band mates Byron Patterson, Mike Poisson and Teagan Johnston. Teagan, the band’s leader, began her music career on the west coast of Canada where she released her first EP, Winter’s Child, and worked with local artist Aidan Knight. Teagan relocated to Toronto, ON at the age of 19 to start Little Coyote. The band’s sound and aesthetic are based on Whitehorse, YT which is Teagan’s birthplace. Additional influences include Toronto-based bands Metric, Stars and Broken Social Scene. ‘Little Coyote’ is Teagan’s Yukon nickname and musical alias, she is happy now to share the name with bandmates, Byron and Mike.
Teagan, Mike, And Byron bring diverse artistic backgrounds to Little Coyote. Together they are able to create an exciting new space in music that marries their vast influences of Folk, Alternative and Progressive rock, through classical piano, ethereal guitar, driving percussion and synth.
Little Coyote’s recently released singles, including “Annie’s Dead”, “Electric” and “Delirium” have gained praise from George Strombolopulous (Strombo show CBC), Sidewalk Hustle, Exclaim! and Spotify’s “Indie All-Stars” and “New Music Fridays” playlists. After touring Canada from coast to coast, the band is now prepped for their first full-length release via EggHunt Records (Richmond VA) on 10/13/17.

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