Lindsey Adelman: Wired

How does Lindsey Adelman make a light? She'll show you. And she'll make some Sharpies dance, too!

Lindsey Adelman: Wired

Renown chandelier­ designer Lindsey Adelman was nice enough to let us visit her brand new studio and observe her and her team at work. Then she took us to visit her showroom where we got a chance to see the beautiful finished products beautifully hung. The showroom and the new studio are literally around the corner from each other in Noho ­­ or what I’ve come to think of as the Lindsey Adelman district. Lindsey has basically taken an ingenious DIY approach to light fixtures and built upon it with custom designed and commissioned components to create an exquisitely satisfying combination of elegance and simplicity. 100 years from now when an architecture professor draws up her version of a classic 2015 livingroom on her fancy futuristic tablet, the living room she creates will certainly have a Lindsey Adelman chandelier in it. Speaking of drawing and the future, Lindsey also brought us into her laboratory where she has been concocting drawing robots; never before have two sharpies and a motor been so adorable. And what’s more the entire robot project seemed to be in the service of making Lindsey’s secret santa present for an undisclosed member of the studio. This isn’t pictured in the video, but everywhere you went in the studio, there were insanely elaborate secret santa projects going on. I wish I could say more about them, but that was one production secret we weren’t privy to. The rest of them are available in our video studio visit.

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