Kyle Andrews Invites You To Get Lost In His New Album "Escape"

From Nashville to Youtube to your headphones, Andrews always delights.

Kyle Andrews Invites You To Get Lost In His New Album “Escape”

Kyle Andrews provides you with that good quality folk music that lifts up your day without the lingering aftertaste of bubble gum. He’s also made waves for his one-of-a-kind music videos that take art form to a new level of public assembly and into the literal stratosphere, one of which according to one source was reportedly a finalist for the Guggenheim’s Youtube exhibition.

If this is the first you’re hearing of the Nashville-based musician, Escape is a great album to start with. On Escape, Andrews takes his already electro approach to pop music to a more synthed-out level, achieving a very cool retro vibe. For those of you who’ve been following his pursues the next logical step forward after his Chaos Emeralds record. If you, like me, sense a retro vibe, it’s probably no coincidence, as word is he took his inspiration from such classics ‘80s cultural landmarks like Castlevania and Earth Girls are Easy. We were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Andrews about the new album right before it drops.

Ravelin Magazine

This album seems more electro than your previous work; what brought about this more electronic direction?
Electro elements have always been present in my music to some degree. Often drum machines and synth parts are part of the arrangement around a song that was written on guitar. This album nearly every song began on the keyboard, the core elements are synths and make for that electro feel.  The guitar was used to provide a spark here and there. It could be coming off making the Chaos Emeralds record I was riding that synth wave, really those sounds have been incorporated in all of my albums.

What inspired the title “Escape”?
Making the record was an exercise in escaping self consciousness, creating quickly and with pure emotion. It’s easy to over analyze. This record was an attempt to “escape” that and create freely. The title also serves as an invitation to the listener to put their headphones on and get lost for 35 minutes.

What was your recording process like for this album? Is there any collaboration or do you play all the instruments?
I recorded everything at my home studio. I played all the keyboards, guitars and programmed the drums. There are live drums on two tracks. “Agatha” features my friends from the band Action sharing the lead vocals. “No Chill” is the main exception, the music was written and produced by Seth Graves, I wrote the lyric and melody.


Nashville is has a legendary musical history. How do you see your music as part of that lineage?
I’ve been in Nashville since 2002. It’s changed in a big way over all that time. I’m not sure where I fit in that history. I’ve been doing this indie electro pop thing for a while which doesn’t exactly fit the Nashville mold. I’ve always loved that it’s a music town regardless of how well I’ve fit in. I find the energy here inspiring.

You’ve become known for your epically inventive music videos; do you have any planned for this new album?
Recording for me can be a very singular thing, I can put together all the pieces on my own. Videos are an entirely different art form that require great collaboration. I’ve been lucky to work with truly inventive directors. The goal for 2017 will be to make something that is as free and evocative as the record.

Are you going to take these new songs on the road? Any plans for a tour?
|As far as hitting the road is concerned… it’s tough to pry me away from the studio but I would love to play these songs live.

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