Helios Playlist

We know Kieth Kenniff records and performs in three bands; we know he runs a label and supplies the soundtrack for Silicon Valley—but what's spinning on his record player.

Helios Playlist

Raised in the rural town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Keith Kenniff — who records under the monikers Goldmund (his solo piano/neo-classical alias), Helios (his ambient electronic alias), and Mint Julep (his electronic pop project with his wife Hollie — started playing piano at age 20, while studying percussion at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Kenniff’s evocative, distinctly American music has become quietly ubiquitous in the past few years, often appearing on NPR, in films, on TV, and in ads for Apple, Facebook, and Google among others. As an artist who spends a great deal of his time producing music for others, it might be surprising to find out that when he has the opportunity to relax and re-center himself, he often chooses to produce music for himself. His new album as Goldmund called ’Sometimes’ is out in a special vinyl edition on 1/22/16 on Western Vinyl and his recent album ‘Yume’as Helios was released this past September on Unseen Music.

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