Greg Fox’s Solo Drumming

The Ravelin Drummer Series continues with Greg Fox performing "My House of Equalizing Predecessors"

Greg Fox’s Solo Drumming

We were extremely lucky to set up our drummer series recording in Greg Fox’s home studio, catching him just at the tail end of a rigorous touring schedule supporting his latest solo album Gradual Progression. This edition to the drummer series is special not just because Fox is pretty universally considered a next level drummer, but also be is a pioneer in the use of the Sun House sensory percussion technology. Fox elevates melding of drummer and computer to the level of an artform. In our forthcoming interview with Fox, he tells about the technique and the science behind sensory percussion, but until you actually see and hear it used by an artists of Fox’s caliber, you don’t really get it. These are not your grandpa’s sample triggers.

Also, for those who come to the drummer series for an education, also check out Fox’s never before seen (by me) technique for elegantly coaxing speed out out of his right stick.

And, of course, if you just like a song that tells a story, look no further.

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