Cosmic Wonder: Kamino-Hikarino-Awa Water Ceremony

A Ritual Beneath the Cedars.

Cosmic Wonder: Kamino-Hikarino-Awa Water Ceremony

On a stiflingly hot day in April, I found myself in the depths of the mountains in Kyotanba, Kyoto. Surrounded by a natural forest of Japanese cedar, this tranquil scene had been the setting of ‘Kamino-hikarino-awa Water Ceremony,’ a creative endeavor organized in collaboration by Cosmic Wonder and Kogei Punks Sha. Lead by individuals adorned in Kamikoromo -paper robes made of handcrafted washi paper- visitors were invited to partake in a water ceremony, a spiritual and natural journey that celebrated the presence of paper, water, light, and ephemeral existences, through intimately listening to and observing a seamless flow of words and quiescent gestures.

That fleeting moment, as if frozen in time, had resonated within me for days and weeks afterwards

Listening to the gentle rustles of meticulously handcrafted paper and the almost mantra-like repetition of poetry, and drinking the spring water collected from the foot of the mountain, the ceremony had been a moment for reflection that allowed participants to appreciate the divine sources inherent in nature. As the early afternoon sun streamed through the lush trees, illuminating the contours and crevices of the paper, the pleasant spring breeze gently drifted across the surface of the water filled bowls to create subtle ripples and undulations. That fleeting moment, as if frozen in time, had resonated within me for days and weeks afterwards, engraved forever in memory.

The “Kamino-hikarino-awa Water Ceremony” was performed on the 26th of April, 2015 as part of the exhibition “MIERU Kami” (gallery Hakuden April 24-May 10, 2015).

Upcoming Exhibition:

COSMIC WONDER with Kogei Punks Sha

Exhibit “Kamino-hikarino-awa Water Ceremony”

Exhibition period: August 2 – September 6, 2015

Reception: August 2, 4 – 7pm

Place: Center for COSMIC WONDER


Kogei Punks Sha

Takaharu Maeda

Naoto Ishii

Masaru Kawai

Yurie Nagashima

Nobuhiro Shimura

Exhibition organized by Center for COSMIC WONDER

Under the auspices of gallery Hakuden

An art book “Kamino-hikarino-awa Water Ceremony ” is being published on the occasion of the exhibition. This book includes Yurie Nagashima’s photographs, Nobuhiro Shimura’s film stills and a letterpress drawing by Kogei Punks Sha. A limited edition of 250 copies by Center for COSMIC WONDER | gallery Hakuden

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