Christine Renee Playlist

Christine Renee Playlist

Christine Renee is DJ and performing artist from Austin TX who relocated to NY in 2001. She has done time as a published poet, journalist, photographer, graphic designer, actress and currently is a radio show host on Brooklyn’s The Lot Radio.

The Lot Radio sets are a synthesis of all of these explorations. Christine will produce a show in which a chicken/human form might appear dancing in the booth on the live video feed. She might discuss the history and significance of a genre or musician. Or she’ll give a visual and poetic experience collaborating with artists like Tamar Mogendorff and threeasFOUR.

Her past performance projects such as Stamina, The DJ Affair Collection and Peeps held community and celebration as a focal point. Recently she has begun pure experimentation with sound in Centripetal, a live performance using human tunning forks designed for use in healing sessions with a health practitioner.

Her curiosity for the common threads of culture and history are behind everything she does and an insatiable desire to dance with the unfolding future lies in front.

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