Brian Chippendale Sets The Ravelin Drummer Series Aflame

The Lightning Bolt drummer serves up the ultimate tutorial on ripping it solo.

Brian Chippendale Sets The Ravelin Drummer Series Aflame

Digging through the Ravelin crates, we found ourselves fixated on one of the most precious gems in the Ravelin collection. Namely, Brian Chippendale in the studio performing his original untitled for issue number one of Ravelin’s iPad publication. The Ravelin drummer series features our favorite drummers from an immersive triple perspective. This particular installment was shot by Peter Glantz with camera assistance by Natalja Kent, and produced by Hisham Bharoocha and Peter Glantz.
As a drummer and musician, Chippendale has inspired a generation of musicians with music that harnesses rhythms and noise and rides them to heights where they transcend the noise genre.
Also, check out Chippendale’s work as Mindflayer and Black Pus. Or just basically check out anything with the name Brian Chippendale attached to it; you’ll be sure to learn something.

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