Big Sur Creates A Special Cover Of “Escape” Just For Ravelin Readers

The Tennessee band with the Cali name just sent us an exclusive cover of the “Pina Colada Song.”

Big Sur Creates A Special Cover Of “Escape” Just For Ravelin Readers

Have you ever pined for a simpler time when people eschewed Tinder and cheated on each other through the newspaper classifieds? When yoga was wack and bars were called O’Malley’s? I always love taking a trip back to those times with Rupert Holmes’s tale set to music: “Escape” (better known as “The Pina Colada Song”). It’s got a catchy laid back tune and a twist ending where the narrator almost doesn’t come off like a creep. But I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you’re a first timer, because the delightful, talented, and irreverent fuzz-pop outfit out of Tennessee has made a very special rendition of the song just for us! As soon as we got the track, we reached right back out to the band to find out more about their take on the song and what makes Big Sur tick.

Ravelin Magazine

First off thank you for making this song for Ravelin! This is actually one of my favorite songs. Do you get a lot of people mistakenly attributing it to Jimmy Buffett?
Our pleasure. We haven’t had anyone mention Jimmy Buffett (yet)!  We talked about covering Margaritaville or Cheeseburger in Paradise. Those songs might hit too close to home for us (just kidding; we pretty much do always have grilling & margarita supplies on hand, though!).

What do you think of the “narrator” of the song? He comes off cute, but is he actually a huge asshole?
There are varying opinions on that.  Some of us think it’s cute that they rediscovered each other.  Others of us think it’s a creative story, but not cute. Either way, none of us approve of cheating on your S.O.

How closely does the “Escape” cover relate to the songs on your upcoming In Business album?
We like pina coladas, we’re not into yoga, and we have full brains!  Both Escape and many songs on our album are about the highs and lows of love, with beachy vibes abounding.

Do you guys have any plans for a tour? Will you be including “Escape” in the set list?
We’re working on travel plans.  “Escape” may make an appearance here & there.It’s a crowd pleaser…confusion at the start, then most people catch on.

Finally, how does a band from Tennessee get a name like Big Surr?
Helen grew up vacationing in the area.  When she started fleshing out her demos with OG drummer Casey, they needed a band name. Helen had a map of the Monterey Bay area on her wall and went through her family’s favorite areas. Carmel? Spanish Bay? Cypress Point? Monterey? Fisherman’s Wharf? Big Sur? Big Sur!  

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