Awaveawake's Journey to the Willow House

Mirabelle Marden captures the essence of the label

Awaveawake’s Journey to the Willow House

Willow House, the video that accompanies the Awaveawake Spring 2016 collection, is a bright, joyful meditation on fashion, art, and vivaciousness. Directed by photographer Mirabelle Marden, the moving images are set to music by Elliot Bergman that is both hypnotic and merry. Camille Bohème Piazza wears the beautifully flowing Awaveawake collection amid art and nature in a way that reflects the essence of Awaveawake.

Jaclyn Hodes, the designer of Awaveawake, describes the common theme that runs through her collections and her film: “Awaveawake is a meditation on movement, both physical and spiritual, and the film’s heroine moves with power, grace and sensuality in the materials, throughout her world, in creating and within creation, as nature herself.” Indeed, this feeling of power and sensuality permeates all of Jaclyn’s work.

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